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Hello, everyone!


Recently, I’ve been trying to form a game development team.

I don’t write this with any specific ideas in mind, and the reason for that is simple: I want a team in which everyone can contribute with ideas. I feel like it’s more motivating when you are working on something that you’ve dreamed about as well.

Only one thing: as 3D games are more difficult to develop, let’s start with a 2D project.

Anyone with any skills can participate. The only requirement is to be determined to do a great game. Of course, some roles need to be fulfilled:

Concept Artists;



People to do SFX;


But what about designers, writers, producers and all the other roles that I haven’t mentioned? Well, I am able to fulfill them without problems, but if you want to design, write or produce, feel free to contact me as well!

Well, that’s it. Thanks for those who read all this and make sure to message me if you have any interest.

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I might have a couple of people who would jump in, but, we prefer 3D.   There's no reason it can't be simple, just because it's 3D.   I have some insane skills in programming and Modelling/Animation/sprite animation.   What genre did you have in mind?

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Hey, sorry for taking so long to answer, I was moving to a new country.

And yes, it can be 3D, no problem.

Regarding to genre, I was thinking about some kind of sandbox or RPG (I like the complex systems), and that's why I thought that 2D would be easier (having simple art would allow us to work more on the gameplay depth). But that's just my opinion, let me know your preferences as well.

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Okay.. It seems there's some interest now.  That's good. 

We need a few things before we start.  We need to designate a programmer, an artist, an audio designer and a chain of Command.  There will have to be at least one taking charge.   We should set up a live meeting where we can speak more openly about this directly. We will have to ascertain the skill of language of each member and lay down ground rules for communication.  
Then someone/all of us has to pitch an idea and a sketch of the gameplay and story.  We will then make a first design and plan how to develop this game:

  • features to develop
  • scenes and scenery
  • the general feeling we would like to convey to the user
  • what jokes and/or references to the real world should be used
  • a time-frame to build this in

Is there someone here who feel competent and confident that they're up to the task of taking charge and administrating a small party of people and a project like a game?    How much time does everyone have on their hands?


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