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[Invite/Comments] Enjin Coin - cryptocurrency for all game economies. RMT developers and those passionate about gamer rights should read espec

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Hey guys,

I'd like to tell you all about Enjin Coin (http://www.enjincoin.io) which is just finishing up a successful crowdsale and is now on the next step of outreaching out to game developers for adoption and early partners as they ramp into development and begin prepping SDK's to be released within the next 3-6 months. Whether you are already crypto-literate or are already knowledgeable about crypto, we're looking for a mix of both new and crypto-experienced devs and we need some of those newbie questions (we wrote an explainer but it may not be enough) as well as getting some of those issues out of the way for those that may have heard some bias or FUD about cryptos. The main goal of this post is to find potentially interested developers that might be at a stage where they can at least start thinking about integrating cryptocurrency into their games and starting to tackle some of the hard questions about what that may entail. If you're interested, please comment in this thread and leave details on what game/company you're with your role.

Some key talking points / FAQ's before we start. I also wrote up a more detailed but general audience intro for them here

* APIs - These are being prepped for all major languages, Unity, Unreal etc. Early integrations are in the works for Minecraft (leveraging off of existing tools Enjin already has for Minecraft) and others are being looked into for games like ARK and others but the SDK's will be free for any developer to pick up and integrate. 

* RMT - EnjinCoin is NOT a platform but rather a secure framework that all parties, whether they are devs or gamers to have the same power to build trade on their own and also build smart contracts (write code) to handle simple one off bets or trades with escrow to being the underlying infrastructure to build their own platform similar to an OPSkins that can trade both in crypto and RMT

* Gamer rights - Those passionate about gamer rights in terms of REAL ownership will note that in this model, the game looks up the ownership data from the users/Enjin blockchain network and not the other way around. No more buying the virtual good/DLC and instead end up buying a license that can be shut down by the developer or an account ban at any time. A game account would reference a user but a user's ownership would be independent of any game accounts so in the event of any.. shenanigans, ownership once acquired would stay on the user end

* Partial or single item implementation possible!  - It's a big dev investment to ask for anyone to think about integrating anything as ambitious as this especially at an early stage where everything has yet to be battle tested. The great news is that you dont have to do the work for trash loot. You can start with just the rare items or even some one-off items if your game is already live and see the response. Arguably this is a more effective implementation plan anyway as it keeps a lot of unnecessary transactions off the blockchain/network

* Commissions and Fees - Enjin 100% supports zero trade transaction fees if developers or users trading among themselves wish it so. Fees are settable by developers. Enjin is launching soon with token exchanger that is a key step for converting into fiat (real cash) or other cryptos. They're not making 20-30% like Apple,  the fees are more like single percentage pts or fractions of those. The system will allow developers to create a similar set up and also set their own fees for similar conversion independent of any percentage going to Enjin. A high level gamer friendly explanation can be found here while more specific details on the crypto workings and the exchanger token are explained in this article here

* Economics??? - That one's not for me to explain but Enjin's CTO started to explain things in this blog :)

PS I'm not directly with Enjin but I'm someone who used to be more active with gamedev (hence this is a very old account) but I now work with a blockchain marketing agency and we played a role in some of the success that the crowdsale has had :)  My name is Munly Leong and I also wrote some of the articles on the Enjin blog. The campaign is largely wrapping up but this dev outreach is the last thing I'm doing for them. I'm also not Lilia, their community manager below :)



This promo video is also a bit of a mockup as to how it might actually work in game. Note the game could be a simple platformer and not necessarily a full blown virtual world or MMO economy. Enjin could unite multiple and maybe all game economies eventually whether they are large or small. That is the vision :)



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