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3D Static Pose vs Animation Orientation?

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Hi Guys,

I've been working on a new Vulcan based engine, and doing skinned animation support for the first time.

I've got everything setup and seemingly working so that I can do a basic import of an FBX model I downloaded from SketchFab, and play its idle animation seemingly correctly, which was very exciting to see.

However, I'm guessing I'm missing some rule of model import processing, whereas my 'default pose' for the model comes in oriented so that the character is standing with Y-Axis up, but as soon as I launch him into his idle animation he switches to Z-Axis up.

I've seen some mention of applying the inverse bind pose matrix to the joint itself on import, and thought that might be part of my issue, but otherwise can't think of what would be causing this?


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Just an update...after a bunch debugging I figured out my problem and it was my fault.  Here is a quick summary in case it helps someone else later:

When running my animation update I was setting up a list of 'animation joint transforms' for my model and defaulting them all to identity.  Then I run through the channels for my animation key frame interpolation and update transforms for all channels.

The problem was that when an animation didn't affect a particular joint (i.e. there is no channel for a joint), then it was staying at identity, instead of being defaulted back to the parent-relative 'static pose' transform for that joint, which seems to be default behavior.

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