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How sell my 2d paid game in playstore

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Now I am making 2d Game. I want to sell the game in playstore as a paid game but I didn't know how to reach the player so please someone tell me how to make them to download quickly

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2 hours ago, KARTHI said:

Now I am making 2d Game. I want to sell the game in playstore as a paid game

First you need to make a game that the players will want to download. Some engines like Unity makes the game-> app store process very easy.

Remember that for a lot of mobile gamers even downloading a free game isn't free. So your game must be worth it's size. You can't publish a Tetris game at 200mb. No one would want to download such a simple game at that size.

Next you need some banner images. These matter a lot as they are a quick way for the players to see if they want to play the game. Show what feature make your game worth playing. Adding a short movie showing how the game plays also has a effect on the amount of downloads.


The most important part is building interest. Ask your self this: Why should a player download your game?

If the only reason you have is because you made it then you won't get any downloads. players owe you nothing no matter how much time you spend making games for them.

If you do have something. Maybe a new twist on a old mechanic, maybe you have a good story, maybe you have a fun to look at art style or maybe you have a whole new game concept. Build interest using that feature by advertising it around the web.

You can also build interest for your game using blogs. You can build up a good relationship with online communities, get people interested in your game by taking interest in them.

Learn how to market your game, there are lot's of articles on marketing here at gamedev.com.


Your reputation as a developer will also matter a lot. If you make good games you will get constant downloads, people who like your games will keep downloading your new ones. The reverse is also true, if you are known for publishing bad games people will ignore your games.

Making games is easy, making a game worth selling is hard.

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I'm just following up on what ^^^ they said. You need make sure your game is quality, and something that players will buy. If you can, release demos and betas, see what the games say, and improve your game through that.

Then, set a release date a decent way away, that was you can use the time in-between to promote and market it. The more your market, and the more places you market, the more likely that people will see it.

And if on launch day you don't get as many people as you wanted? Don't panic! Keep pushing it. Don't stop until you truly think you can't get anyone to play it. Which should take you a while to reach that conclusion.

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