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C++ Tile based 2D Game from scratch

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Hi everyone,

I'm developing a tile based 2d game from scratch, because I love pixelart and other tools like the rpg maker have a very high cpu usage, which I don't like, and they are not flexible enough for working with sprites of different sizes and animate and move them individually frame by frame. I also want to use random generated maps later by generating xml files which will be generated and interpreted at runtime. 

I made a short video to show what I've got right now which you can see here:

" rel="external">

There is actually a little bit more functionality that is not shown in the video. I'm showing only one kind of trigger point a figure can activate by walking onto and that sits in the house door. Other trigger points can also teleport the figure inside the current map and also to another map. Else tripper points can set map event flags which are interpreted by a map related state machine which then could spawn/remove sprites or put any kind of event into the event queue. And I've also got exploding barrels;)

I am really exited to hear from you what you think about that program.

You could also follow me in GitHub. Link in video description.

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From the video, It looks like a demo-reel of a game engine / pre-alpha of a game. 

The mentioned idea and graphic is similar to many games in the genre.   Thus, it depends how well it is executed.

Hope to see more progress when it is more done.  :)


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Well, thank you;) These are actually the most important points for me to achieve: 1) Save ressources (avoid unnecessary calculations or memory wasting by design) and 2) Be flexible enough to integrate different kinds of graphical objects and scripted or interactive events. But to be "flexible enough" I must know the requirements of many different game designs and that is what I do now. I'm going to integrate more tilesets and game ideas from the web that I really like to see what is needed to implement them.

It is also important for me to review all parts of the code continuously to improve it and to avoid what is called "smelling code" (where you write something and then avoid thouching it ever again). So I'm learning while doing this and it could be a project for years. And it is fun when I'm impressed by myself, like yesterday. I wanted to build a small dungeon with a door that can be opened by a animated switch and all I needed to implement this idea was already there (covered by design). So it took my about an hour to do this. This is where programming begins to get exiting;)

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