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Where do i start?

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So, i'm looking to start my first little project in UE4 and Maya.

Therefore i'm hoping to find some help here.

1. What Software do i use? , What skills should i acquire?

2. How much time will i need in order to make it at least playable?

3. How do i compile my game so i can let my friends play it too?

4. What sort of game is the best one to start off with? I myself was thinking about creating a little LAN-Multiplayer FPS on a simple 64x64 map. What do you think?


Thank you in advance, im looking forward to your answers :)

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1. It sounds like you already decided on software (UE4 and Maya), so I don't understand this question. UE4 will require either programming skills or at least some logic skills if using the Blueprint system instead of coding. Maya will require 3D creation skills. Most likely you will also need to have some 2D art skills for texturing the 3D objects you create.

2. Impossible to say. A very simple thing could be a few hours if following tutorials, something a lot more complex might be days or weeks.

3. UE4 has menu options that allow you to build versions to distribute.

4. Something a lot simpler. Tic-Tac-Toe or similar. Or start with various tutorials found on Unreal's website.

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