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Bullet ForkLift can't stand firm on the floor

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The forklift just slides across the floor.
You may ask, hey, the wheels are frictionless, if I apply a friction of 1000.0f, the forklift just bounces to the air? If I apply 1.0, the forklift still slips around...
Also, I have to apply a very large engine force in order to move the forklift, such as 100000.0 kg

The chassis is 200kg, upper mask is 70kg, lower mask is 60kg, front wheels are 50kg and rear wheels are 50kg
I just stuff them up.

float maxEngineForce = 1000.f;//this should be engine/velocity dependent
float maxBreakingForce = 100.f;

float gVehicleSteering = 0.f;
float steeringIncrement = 0.04f;
float steeringClamp = 0.3f;
//float wheelFriction = 10.0f; //1000;//BT_LARGE_FLOAT;
float wheelFriction = 0.0f;
float suspensionStiffness = 20.f;
float suspensionDamping = 2.3f;
float suspensionCompression = 4.4f;
float rollInfluence = 0.1f;//1.0f;

any ideas? Edited by lucky6969b

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I get the idea you built it from multiple components with constraints. I remember an user from the forums here who worked on vehicle simulation stating they run the vehicles at 200hz. Have you tried bumping up the iterations? Does it change anything?

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If I change the friction value to 10000.0f and I don't apply any engine force and braking force at all.
And the agent is totally driven by the AI....then the floor still looks very slippery, after the agent is stabilized,
the agent is able to be moved by the AI?

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I was wondering why the forklift was playing somersaults in the air, now I found out that I was messing up the wheel radius with the wheel width of the forklift...


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