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What's missing from TCGs?

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First off, I'm really not a fan of digital only TCG's. I feel like it defeats the purpose of a trading card game if it is all virtual. I dunno maybe I'm just speaking from nostalgia but I love the feeling of holding a custom-built physical deck and destroying my friends with it or the feeling of buying that badass card with the shiny foil coating and amazing artwork. You can't really collect a virtual card and sell it or give it to your kid. Just my opinion though.

I feel like what is missing from TCG's, primarily in the USA, is the abundancy of physical games. A handful of years back I fell in love with a TCG called "Battle Spirits" and even got a demo deck from Namco Bandai. Sadly, the US just didn't want it and it died out here. I think you can only get it in Japan now. 

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