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Looking For People with a hunger for creation

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The first game I ever played on a computer was Lego Racers(tm) , where, for me, the best part was getting to build your own car. A great and fun experience.    
I was thinking of making a Space Adventure, where one of the main parts of the game consisted of actually putting your own spaceship together. A mix of the Need For Speed games, where your could tweak all the insides of the engine and other locomotion affects, and a space adventure.    So obviously I started building. I coded and modeled and animated.

You can see some videos of what I have so far (not a lot) at the bottom of this post.    I can build everything myself, but I don't really want to do that.
Everything you see I built from scratch (models, effects, and code). Note that I don't claim to be an artist, but I like my animations to be believable.

I am looking for people who want to build a fun space adventure with weird creatures, puns and jokes everywhere, and who wants part ownership of the project.  You will influence the direction, be administrative with the resources at hand, and have some(hopefully more people than just 1) inspiring heads to spar with.
It doesn't matter if you're a programmer or artist(3D modelling and animation) or maybe want to learn and have a lot of time - because whatever YOU want to do, I'll fill opposite roles so we can cover more ground and create stuff faster!

If you have no experience with Unity3D, but is a programmer or an artist, and want to put some time in, I will train you to interface with software or work with 3D geometry.
      Nothing I have made so far (almost nothing at all) is carved in stone.   The software and AI I wrote is flexible and can be cut out or changed quickly.

So - If you want in and have a brain that unfolds by itself, please write, mail or call me and we'll talk stuff over. If we feel like we're in the same book, we'll make wonders happen.  If not, we've at least made an acquaintance. 

I live in Denmark, so my Timezone is UTC +01 (Central European Time Zone +1)

You can write me at:
or phone me at:  0045 20 77 65 95
 You can also send me bottles, but I might be slow to respond

Write or call for any reason at all - even if it's just to know more or have a friendly chat.

Some demos for your illumination:

Here's a demo of how assembling the spaceship could work (this is meant to be a scrapyard where some simple but working parts could be assembled to make a spaceship fly

Here's a demo of what I can do with characters and gory effects. The armor peels off the Pig-men, when you hit it enough. The limbs and the top of the head can be shot off.  Maybe a bit much - but it was fun to make!


- Maybe I should tell more about my skills:

  • I'm an expert in using C++, and I have programmed in over 20 languages, including embedded. Java and C# are like programming with my eyes closed compared to what I am used to. 
  • I've built real-time engines including physics engines from the bottom, so using Unity or Unreal is like second nature to me.
  • I have a talent for animation and modelling, it comes to me naturally - I draw all the time.
  • I know nothing about sound effects, but I usually have a clear idea of how I want things to sound and look.
  • I am very easy to move if YOU are enthusiastic or excited about an idea.
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