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What would make you join a rev-share project?

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I ask because I understand the time invested in the creative, and that it’s work which should be valued

Unfortunately, most game designers are broke. How can we be taken seriously?


if I’ve posted in the wrong forum, please move this and have patience with me- I’ll get it :)

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Number one is whether the team has significant commercial experience and can demonstrate an ability to actually succeed in their plan. 

If you have no demonstrable experience / capability, you can only easily attract other team members who also have no demonstrable experience / capability. 

1 hour ago, alxndrb01 said:

Unfortunately, most game designers are broke.

If you define it as anyone with an idea for a game, sure... But if you define it as people who are professionally employed with the title "game designer" (quite a rare and senior title in the industry), then not really - and more importantly than not being broke, these people likely have a wise network of other talented games professionals (coders, artists, etc) and likely have their name in the credits of several games... Which gives them a much better chance of pulling together a talented core team that provides a look of legitimacy, which can snowball into a larger team. 

So I'd say the key is real life networking with other developers. If you're 100% serious about this as a business venture and not just doing this as a hobby, then signing up to a rev share project is the same as taking a job at a startup company who's offering equity in lieu of salary, which is a big ask. Look into how non-games start-ups approach that kind of recruitment (it's certainly not done on internet forums ;)

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You need to show that it isn't a half baked idea. Get the game to the point where you have a tech Demo or maybe even a demo and use that to recruit.

People don't want to join a project that is still just an idea. It's to huge a risk, remember that working for a developer does cost the person doing it. So asking them to work for you for free, is the same as asking them to give you money. They need to know that it's a sound investment.

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