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Angelic Ice

Legalities of hosting customised game content

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Hello everyone!

My game has a huge support for customised content. Customised as in new levels with (optional) new features, graphics, etc.

I considered getting a server for my game that players can upload their levels to and others can download/rate/comment them, all in the game-client.

The issue is that players could upload content that might be illegal to certain laws in certain countries. I surely do not want to support such content. Simply removing usused content (people trying to upload illegal videos, ...) is one step I have in mind, but surely does not remove other stuff.

But how do I encounter this situation? Talking with a lawyer is surely on my todo-list if I settle for hosting the server myself. Nonetheless, having to pay for the server and then even be sued for uploaded content is very unappealing.

The game will be sold on multiple stores.

I sadly feel that the costs (especially to protect myself against lawsuits) is too high to offer such a server... hence using something as the Steam Workshop might be a better bet.

My last idea was to forbid media content but script files... but in the end even that could be stolen from other licensed material...

Is there any content/advice that I could read about to inform myself on how this all could work out while being safe in terms of legal infringements?

Thanks for reading!

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I changed the title of your topic, because it sounded like you were looking for a server, or selling servers. We've had discussions here about the legalities of hosting user-generated content, but I think your best bet is Google (for example: "legalities of user-created content") - you'll find a LOT of information there.



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Like Jbadams said. 


  It took me years to talk GD.Net into doing this, but if you plan on hosting content, you'll need to register a "copyright agent" with the Copyright office (copyright.gov), and include a DMCA takedown procedure and Counter Notification procedure in the Terms of Service for your game/server. 

  It's a pretty straightforward process, but it's always best to consult an attorney (obviously doesn't have to be me, whoever you're comfortable with) when you're revising ToS or other legal documentation. 

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