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3D Maya 2018- First Model (Anvil)

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Hello everyone, 

     I am a new member on this forum and wanted to upload my first model in Maya 2018 and get some feedback. I did about 5 months in Fullsail University for game art a couple of years ago until it got to expensive for me. I took what I learned back then, along with tutorials on you tube to make what you see here. I'd appreciate some feedback and I plan on posting alot more of my work here as well. Eventually, I'd like to be apart of a team to make a game. but that's still a ways off yet. Anyway, Attached is a picture of an Anvil I made from scratch. Rendered with the Arnold render. Let me know what you think. Below is the wire frame, smooth shade and materials shading. Thanks!







Anvil_textured smooth.jpg

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Hi, this is a good start. You will want to look into High poly baking next and Edge flow.

You are missing some important anvil anatomy. The Hardie hole and Pritchel hole is missing. Your body is a bit thin.

You have your solid form down and the texture is good. The model you have can be used in a mobile game already.



You should first rough model your idea, the same way a 2D artist would sketch and idea. Then use some curves, primitives and good solid forms to create a more than average 3D model. During this stage you can play with the shape and size of the model fast

After the sketch stage move to High poly and low poly modeling. Use the high poly to bake Normal and Ambient maps. Use these in your software of choice to make your textures.

This is a example of what I mean. It's a very fast model, I don't have a lot of free time. As you can see this workflow produces a lot more interesting results fast.




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