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I posted about a month ago.

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Hello again everybody I posted on here about a month ago about looking for a group of people to build a mobile moba with me. I have since come up with some character ideas and Creations and recruited a couple people to check it out as well I am still looking for game developers Skinner's modders animators basically people to help me put the game mechanics together willing to split all royalties still trying to decide which game engine to use Weatherby unreal 4 or Unity or something like that but since my last post I have built the website I put about 3 hours until tonight and finally felt okay enough with it to stop just kind of reaching out again to show my devotion and seriousness in this and I will follow it through to the end if I have to figure out how to do everything myself but please feel free to stop by and check out what I have done so far at the website I have not posted any of my ideas because I feel they are truly unique enough to blow up and be big in the market please feel free to contact me my website is aofgaming.com


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6 minutes ago, Tvpthemvp said:

Its the website for my moba

Oh ok, now I see it's in the text above.  I just didnt see a link anywhere.

There's really nothing there about a moba.  Am I missing something?

Also, why do you have a website when you're not even close to having a game?


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I mean yeah that's fair but I have more done than you think I do and on top of that I want to show people that I am serious about building it I am cutting unfortunately I'll Corners that I can to be as cheap as possible at the moment because obviously I can't just pay $3,000 to developers throughout the game coding I have experience Unreal Engine so I'm not completely knew I had it but I'm trying to recruit and get this going as fast as possible I have about 5 people that I am currently working with to build the character profiles and character art and skills and technically it's getting eventually be a beta pool of the Beta release when it gets closer and I want to get as many people as I can interested in it

I'm not posting really anything to public on that except teasers down the road because I don't want this ideas and Concepts that I have for this game two become a reality in someone else's game that had better funding her has made another game and made money in the has the know-how to get it out faster than me and basically I truly think I have a Divine concept for a MOBA that could possibly make millions

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