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How long does it take for your Nintendo Developer Portal registration to be approved?

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It's been two weeks since I registered as an independent developer so I could download the SDK the legit way. I still get the message "Your company registration has not yet been approved, it may still be under review." when I try to access the developer portal.

How long does this usually take?

(Mods: I wasn't sure where to post this, and I couldn't find any existing threads on this topic, so feel free to move this thread to whichever subforum makes the most sense)

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17 hours ago, jsepia said:

How long does this usually take?

For Nintendo, anywhere ranging from hours to weeks.  Or if they don't want to respond, it can be there indefinitely rather than being declined.

The console makers are mostly interested if the company can build a complete, marketable game. Or if the company is a contractor on a game, ensure the company they're contracting for is able to do so.  The second concern is that everything will be kept safe and secure.


That's why there are the questions about what games your company has already launched, and who you've talked to.  If your company has already published games then it is fairly easy to get access to the hardware and libraries.  If you are working with another company as a contractor, they will go through their corporate contacts in person and get you through the process quickly.

If not, if you don't have access to the funding to bring a game to market, you don't have a company with experience enough to complete the project, or you aren't working for such a company, then the application will either be denied or rot in a bucket somewhere.

Since you can't change history, the best way forward is to get in contact with a person at the company. If you've already started working with someone on the process, contact that person.  Otherwise, the support contact email address is easily found. 

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