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moeen k

questions about google play services

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I'm not sure u chose right place. if its wrong please change it.



I have 2 questions about google play services.

1) is there any restrictions or limitations for 25 dollar developer? for example in number of request sent to their cloud or number of players of in real time or turn based games?


2) as I know there is a file system that you can send bytes to be saved on google cloud as player progress or... in my game there is a lot of levels and for every levels there is some records and .... powerups, characters and so many other things. is it more standard to send and receive all at once as on file request or its better to choose many files on cloud?

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Yes, there are rate limits.

I think the default request limit is 200,000 requests per day.

You can read more about it here


Note that, typically, the amount of requests from your game will be proportional to the amount of players you have, and once you have many players, you will presumably make lots of money, and Google will take their cut on all of those purchases, and thus everything will be fine.

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