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[Hobby] Anyone for Dev Squad Jam Halloween?

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Hey, I was wanting to see if a few people want to join the Dev Squad Jam: Halloween game jam that is coming up on the 1st with me. I'm a programmer out of USA, but I could just take on the design/writing/managing role if a person that would like to do that doesn't join. I reckon we could use Unity2D as it is a very easy tool to work with, but we could of course do 3D (the theme hasn't been announced yet, so I have no ideas what to make) depending on what kind of artist we get. We would ideally need:

An artist or two (2D or 3D)

A Muscian (found)

And either a level designer/writer/"ideas guy" or a programmer (found)

You of course don't require much experience, you just need to understand that we will be under a time restriction, so if you aren't persistent enough, you may be the reason the team fails (shame):P. This means that you definitely need to know your limits, and be able to say "I can't do that in the amount of time we have, lets think of something else". This is definitely a great way to earn some experience with a team if you don't have it. If you do join, please don't be a person that flakes out halfway through the jam. Persistent people only.

But anyway, we will have 5 days starting Nov 1st, here's the jam: https://itch.io/jam/dev-squad-halloween

The actual theme of the jam will be announced on Nov 1st, so we won't know exactly to make until then. Thanks

Finally, you can contact my via email robnw/@/null.net

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