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Looking for a team

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a team with similar ideas and interests to create a game or games with. I studied art but did not go to uni as I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life at the time (plus I normally always want to be free and do my own thing). I'm generally more into character design but want to get into scenery and what not. I self taught myself a little bit with game maker studio, started off with a simple brick breaker game and then started teaching myself how to make a turn based rpg and got pretty far but also overwhelmed by the coding side of things. I've played a ridiculous amount of games so I feel like I know what works and what doesn't. I really want to make a decent game rather than focus on how much money I make.

Genre wise the only things I think I'm really not into are shooters and sports. I'm mainly into adventure/action, puzzles, platformers, rpgs, jrpgs, monster raising games. I've always thought single player experiences were richer too. I don't think I have enough skill for 3D as of yet but I haven't tried. I'll list some of my fav games so you can see if our interests meet up. Chrono Trigger, Metal Gear Solid, Ape Escape (original),  Zelda Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild, Crash Bandicoot (original trilogy), Spyro (original trilogy), Final Fantasy 9+10, Kingdom Hearts, Pikmin, Viva Pinata, Zero Escape, Fire Emblem, Warioware, The Last of Us, Nier: Automata, Undertale, Broken Sword.

The turn based rpj I was working on was about a robot child after all humans have become extinct where you'd get to explore and find out what happened. I've thought a lot more into it so if you think it's a good idea and would like to develop that with me then lemme know. It's probably better to start fresh though.

If you're interested feel free to inbox me or reply on here or whatever ya want. 





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Just so you know your post is gonna get moved to the help wanted section.

7 hours ago, Thehoneyman said:

The turn based rpj I was working on was about a robot child after all humans have become extinct where you'd get to explore and find out what happened.

Also just so you know IIRC there was a game recently with the same or similar storyline.

Anyway what exactly do you want to do?  Only concept art? Actual game art (photoshop or similar)? Game design? Story? Dialogue?  You seem like you don't want to code but you don't really specify what exactly your role will be, you should clarify.  Also if you want to stick with gamemaker 1 or 2 you should specify that as well.  Basically what I'm saying is your post isn't very clear.  Also you should post some of your art, that will get you some attention.


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I'm sorry my post wasn't very clear.

Just looked up the game and I see what you mean. Essentially the same story wise but different gameplay. Thanks haha. 

I am better at traditional art (I guess that'd be concept art), I do have equipment to do digital art (actual game art) but haven't had as much practice but it wouldn't take long for me to learn. Do game maker games need concept? And do small teams need concept art for their games?

My most suited roles would be art ones but as I'm looking for a team I'd also want us all to come up with design, story and dialogue and agree on it together. The team would need another programmer as I struggle to implement my ideas. I also would need a musician of some sort as I have no experience in that.

I am currently only experienced with game maker 1, I know how the art works in that engine. If the majority of the team wants to use a different engine then I would adjust.  

Out of the pictures the digital one is the first digital drawing I've done and it was just for fun. The other 3 were also for fun. If I was doing it with the intention of putting it into a game it would have a lot more polish. 


377585_10200288697209879_1935008786_n copy.jpg



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