Top-down shooter / zombie survival. Plz try it!

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My game is coming along nicely and I would love some feedback.

You play as one (or two in co-op) survivor that must travel the land and survive the infected hordes, looners and bandits. You stop in locations but are always pressed as the hordes will start pouring in. Collect resources (food, fuel, medical supplies and ammo) and weapons and head for the goal!


  • Always quickly switch to a melee weapon if running out of ammo
  • Loot everything if you have time to loot, including cartrunks
  • Choose locations that have the loot you need (such as gas station for fuel)
  • Try to avoid running out of fuel or having your car break down. Walking is dangerous!

Download (50 MB, works with windows only, you DON'T need dropbox to download):
Damnation road (beta 2)





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I tried again and got to day 3 on normal, but I got another bug. My screen had the 'Damnation Road' night transition image stuck. Restarting the game fixed it.

So far, I can't get past the third day on normal, but the difficulty is good. Most games make normal difficulty very easy. When I click on normal, I expect a challenge.

What needs improvement is the controls and player awareness. Most of the time, I can't tell why my gun cannot shoot because my eyes are on the zombies. But the reload and jam signals are on the player. Maybe put those signals at mouse position instead, and make the reload/jam circle in white/light red because it's nearly invisible at night.


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45 minutes ago, Michael Aganier said:

My screen had the 'Damnation Road' night transition image stuck

You mean a simple fade to black? Or did you see the main menu image (the photo of the road) in the middle of gameplay? Did you get this problem after a night-session? Or just randomly?

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Noone else? Hundreds read this thread, but only Michael had some feedback?

Updated the link with the latest version (beta 1) (more sounds, zombies moan, some balance and UI issues, text feedback when you lack resources, car is getting old etc)

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The player awareness is much better (more icons, low ammo alert) and the character movement is smoother. I made it to day 8 while I couldn't get past day 3 before (normal difficulty). I got killed at the military roadblock because I wanted to spend my weakest weapons first. Have had used my best weapons, I wouldn't have been killed. Also, I didn't have any armor. I found multiple pieces at day 1-4, but I haven't got any more past that. None of traders would sell armor.

I  discovered many new enemies for the first time. Knowing much more about the game, I'm pretty sure I could complete day 10 on normal now.

The one thing that I would improve is pathfinding. I can abuse AI by moving to the other side of an object and he won't walk around it.

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Good to see that you (and the game) are improving! :)

Just a note:
You dont win on day 10, you win by travelling the distance to the goal (2000 miles) and win the final confrontation. The days (time passed) only make the game harder and higher level (changes what enemies and items appear).

I'll look into armour spawning. It think you just got unlucky though as there should be armours for all levels. The "combat trader" sells melee weapons and armour while the "gun trader" sells firearms and ammo. He usually has some armour for sale. But the drop-rate for armour may be too low (and the ending is very hard with no armour).

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