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Avid Space Lovers

Looking for artists to develop a game

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We are looking for people to help develop games with us.

This is a job opportunity for people just starting out in the industry and we cannot pay for your assistance. This job is unpaid and voluntary.

We want artists of any kind to send us samples of their work to our email account avidspacelovers@gmail.com  so that we can determine whether or not your art style is the one we are looking for. 


- Must be willing to volunteer for an unpaid position

- Must have a unique art style

- Must provide us with samples of your work and;

- Must provide us the reason to why you wish to work with us

Important Notes:

We will ask you if you wish to continue working for us after the game you helped developed is released. Those who wish to stay with us will retain all previous criteria and will continue to volunteer for unpaid work.

We have these job opportunities open to anyone of any age or talent and we will try to provide further assistance with answering any further questions you may have.

Our job opportunities are meant for you to get your name out there early because we believe that the more games you helped developed then the more things you can add onto your resume.

Our job opportunities are NOT meant for those who have already got their names out there but we will consider all applicants.

We will gladly refer you to other game developers if you ask and have had a prior job placement with us.

We hope to see your work and if you get a job with us we can promise to give you a free game key that will allow you to get the game for free.

After all, you need something for your hard work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this job application post.

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Not enough details and people keep giving it thumbs down

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I am 13 years old and looking for a project to join, i've been doin pixel-art for almost 2 years now and learned a lot and improved my artstyle and skills.

I don't have much to show you now becouse i don't have many pixel-art at this moment.

I have some examples of my work here:





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