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Bullet Gap between the wheels and the chassis?

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//synchronize the wheels with the (interpolated) chassis worldtransform
const btTransform& t = l_vehicle->getWheelInfo(j).m_worldTransform;

D3DXMatrixRotationY(&l_rot, 1.57f);

l_mat = l_rot * l_mat;

// assume front wheels
AgentMotionState* motion
	= dynamic_cast(l_vehicle->getRigidBody()->getMotionState());

if (motion)
boost::shared_ptr pObj = motion->m_object;
if (j==0) 
	D3DXVECTOR3 s, p;
	D3DXMatrixDecompose(&s, &r, &p, &l_mat);
	double yaw, pitch, roll;
	yaw = pitch = roll = 0.0f;
	QuatToEuler(r, yaw, pitch, roll);
	TRACE("Veh: " << i << "Pos of wheel 0 is " << p.x << " " << p.y << " " << p.z);
	yaw = CapRadian(yaw);
	TRACE("Veh: " << i << "Rot of wheel 0 is " << yaw);
	FRAME* frontWheels = (FRAME*)D3DXFrameFind(pObj->m_mesh->GetFrameRoot(), "Front_Left_Wheel");
	frontWheels->matCombined = l_mat; 
	//frontWheels->TransformationMatrix = l_mat;

Looks like the left front wheel is on the far left of the chassis with a large gap?
Why is that?

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