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Your marketing pitch needs a huge deal more work, in my opinion.

Your main Kickstarter video should be captivating or at least intriguing, but instead it's just three or four people talking. And even if you have people talking, they should be good at talking, but the video comes off as very flat as if most the speakers aren't very good at speaking (hey, I'm a pretty awkward introvert, and I'd absolutely suck at narrating a video. Which is why I wouldn't narrate the most important video needed for the success of my game).

So then I look for a gameplay video, and all I see is a fly-through of an area without any sound or music.

Kickstarter isn't really a place where people support the games they want to see succeed, it's actually a place where people pre-order games they want to exist - at least, that's how most backers behave. As such, you really need to to make your Kickstarter videos and page as polished as you would any other marketing video.

Even your post here: "Dude we are making the best turn-based JRPG since FF7. if you don't believe me... check for yourself." comes across as either a marketing lie, or delusion. I wouldn't want to give money to people who aren't realistic about the state of their own game. Passion blinds a little, but this extreme exaggeration is utterly unjustified. I would be alot more careful about how I present myself and my project.

And the titles you give yourself (CEO, CFO, and COO) are utterly unwarranted for small studios. It comes across as an attempt to pretend your studio is bigger than it really is, whether you intend that or not. Chief Financial Officer? Really? How many Financial Officers do you have that you need a Chief over the other Financial Officers? It also doesn't help that your ""chief financial officer" can't even say his title without looking up into the corner of his eyes and stating it in a monotonic voice. "Hello. I am. Wayne. the. chief. financ-ial. off-ice-er.". None of this lends likability or encourages trust in a moonshot of a project.

And finally, you linked to your Facebook page. It took me clicking on three different links to get to your KickStarter. Why are you trying to promote traffic to Facebook? If it was your own website, I'd understand, but if right now your objective is your KickStarter goal, why drive traffic to Facebook? Each additional click you may lose viewers along the way.

This is my opinion and critique; I wish you success on your project.

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