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Andre Silva

Sports Management Game

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I'm starting to develop a small project of mine, which is a sports management game. By that i mean, a game like Football Manager or Eastside Hockey.

I'm planning to develop it first without the simulation part, which is the most complicated part.

I want to develop just the economy, database and a discrete simulation parts.

I am looking for tutorials, guides, or suggestions on if I should use something like Unity or something like VB.net


Thank you

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These games are essentially spreadsheets with formulas that use RNG based on different events to present new results, and changes to the current data within the spreadsheet (that holds player, team, agent data, ect...).

I don't know of any tutorials, but you could make such a game using any programming language, even scripting languages like Javascript, PHP, ect... Honestly, the hardest part is getting the data together, not programming the simulation. I've done such projects in the past and they're very straight forward. I spent more time building the spreadsheet data and getting everything together. Simulation is easier because you're only going to have x number of events possible within a game, certain events may do a domino effect trigger for other events, and some events might only happen when a player is at a certain endurance, or morale, ect... This still comes from building a spreadsheet of all possible outcomes and how to calculate those scenarios.

In hockey, if player 1 gets body checked, you generate a number between a and b for speed (comes from player 2's stats - keeps things random because even if player has a max speed of 50km/h you don't want to assume he is going at that speed every time), which takes the players weight, and comes up with a impact variable, which compares to the other player's weight, and current health condition, which then results in possible injury, penalty or other scenario. This still all comes down to making a sheet with all possible outcomes, and how you will calculate events.

The programming part is less time consuming once this has all been blueprinted. If you have more specific questions regarding setup once you've started the project, I can assist.

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