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Personal Details

I carry one P.H.D. in computer science.  I hold disciplines in Math, Physics and Quantum Mechanics.  I worked in the military as a Battlefield Network Technician, with machine language programming on military equipment.  I have studied 3D Computer Programming since the early days of WinG, before DirectX.  I have programmed for 20 years in C/C++, Java, Basic, Cobol, Pascal, and Assembly.  I know ASP, PHP, HTML, DHTML, JavaEE.  I work with Windows and Unix Based operating systems.  Ubuntu is currently my main OS for development.  I have worked on and off as a D.O.D. contractor, computer hardware technician and have developed a library called Labworks which is a science and 3D Engineering Library.  I have pioneered the not so popular Omicron point theory in Quantum Mechanics, been to CERN and have seen and worked with the particle collider.  I have done work pioneering new space technologies, including theoretical work resolving antimatter creation, stabilization and efficiency.  My life long ambition has been to create a 3D game and I believe now the technology exists to accomplish the vision I have of realistic, all out simulator.

Earth - Frontiers

This is a futuristic space and planet simulation.  The player will assume any number of roles from fighter pilot to captain as they fly, drive, sail, and command the most advanced technology in the future.  Fly the SASF-110A from Earth to Space as you interact with the onboard computer systems in a virtual cockpit.  Gain rank in the Terran Confederation and take command of Earth's largest ships, from water carriers to space carriers.  Be a marine, and fight ground battles on various planets, once you get dropped from space.  Be part of the crew on the mightiest capital ships in the known galaxy, or specialize in science, or engineering.


I require at least 4 to 6 programmers willing to dedicate at least 16 hours each week to working on this project.  Programmers must have knowledge of Unreal, C++, and be familiar with the development cycle.  A good knowledge of physics, aero dynamics, thermal dynamics, or at least college level basics.  Must have some knowledge of procedural rendering and knowledge of GIS for Earth simulation.


I need at least 6 artists that can produce art in Blender to scale in Unreal.  I have enclosed the SASF-110A pictures I have so far.  The example would be, the SASF is 38.6 FT in length, and has a wing space of 44 FT converted to centimeters for Unreal.  The cockpit is life size, and will fit computer consoles, dashes, switches, and a cockpit chair with a life size fighter pilot.  Models will be broken down into components to allow for development of other fighter classes.  Life size bay doors, for life size gears.  All artists must have a through understanding of Blender, Painting, Texturing, and developing the models for Unreal Engine.  Character creation is a must also, for development of custom characters in game.

Sound Developers

I personally am not familiar with sound development on pc, or in studio productions.  However, I do require a few sound developers who can create the sounds of engines, weapons, explosions, air, music, voices and more.  I am looking for at least 3 to 5 sound developers.

Project Details

This is a long term project.  While I do carry an EIN for my company, I am looking to partner.  Anyone that joins up and gets on board for the long haul will be considered a business partner.  Will do legal documentation to affirm partnership or incorporation.  This is the initial game, and will continue to be developed and expanded on.  This will include, multiplayer, and head motion interaction with future plans for VR.  Don't expect less than a 2 year development length.





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