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Michael Aganier

Should my game have an update client

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I posted here not knowing where this really belongs to.

1. I know that platforms like Steam installs updates automatically, but what about other platforms? Does GOG and humble store also install updates when available?

2. If they don't, is the player expected to download new patches manually or should I provide an update client with my game that would check for updates to download before starting the game?

3. If I provide an update client, can I choose to not use Steam update to streamline the update process?

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1) If I remember correctly, GoG has a steam-like client that users can optionally install in order to get features like automatic updates, but many GoG users probably don't bother.

2) That's up to you. For anyone with modern internet, auto-updaters are very nice compared to old-school manual patch downloads.

3) You can disable steam's auto updating and instead provide your own updater (some MMO's on steam do this)... but it would be better not to do this. Steam users get used to Steam updating their games. If you launch a steam game, and the game itself then starts downloading a patch, you get annoyed.

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1 minute ago, Novadude987 said:

Is there any particular reason why you don't want Steam Autoupdates?

If I was to release my project, there's 6 platforms I know that I want to be on. Only 2 or 3 of those platforms have auto-updates.

+ : Positive        - : Negative

Use case 1: I don't make update client and use platform auto-update.

  • + Users are familiar with their platform auto-update.
  • - I must upload updates on all 6 platforms.
  • - Platforms with no auto-update must be updated manually by users.

Use case 2: I make update client and don't use platform auto-update.

  • + Auto-update for everyone.
  • + I don't have to upload updates on all platforms, only once on my update server. (streamlined process)
  • - Users of auto-update platforms might be annoyed to deal with an other client.

Use case 3: I make update client for platforms without auto-update and use auto-update of those that have it.

  • + Auto-update for everyone.
  • - I have to take care of 2 different kinds of auto-updates. (per platform and built-in, built-in being disabled when platform can do it)

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