Which is better? (2d, android)

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A little late...but make that 0:4.  The "wood" waves at the top of the first one kinda ruin it.  Generally the style itself doesn't matter as long as it is consistent(and it fits the game), and that wavy thing is different from everything else I see.

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I mean no offense and I'm truly sorry I have to say this but none of the other comments have been remotely helpful: both look absolutely terrible. In your shoes I would find a designer friend to teach me, read up on some basic color theory and read up on some basic rules of composition. I estimate 6 months of hard work until you get to a market-ready level.

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I prefer the 2nd design concept. The trend today is simplistic, flat, metro look The very top colour scheme, green against the orange does not feel right. The green at the bottom with the palette is lovely. My suggestion for the top is use the same colour as the green at the bottom and make the accent icons Monochromatic. For the middle maybe bright it up abit as well. Try a straight 90* degrees gradient for the middle. Other than that excellent work! I'll keep eyes open for future posts.

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11 hours ago, mmk0102 said:

Great tips! In some kind way both

but I hope I'll can change it  to pretty look with your help, friends.

Listen, every comment on this thread except mine is useless to you. If you want to improve, you need to do the following: find a book on basic color theory and read it. 

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48 minutes ago, zarloo said:

a book on basic color theory and read it. 

Color theory is not a magic bullet. It takes months of practices to get color working, it's a dangerous thing to tell someone to use and because of it's limits some art schools refuse to teach it.

Instead of just telling the developer to use it, why not show how color theory can improve the look?

23 hours ago, zarloo said:

both look absolutely terrible.

Art for games need to support the game before it concerns it'self with looks. In a game art takes the same role as sound, it's just user feedback.

In this case the second image made things more clear and it is easy to look at the style and know what kind of game this will be. So the question "Which is better" is easy to answer.

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