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    • By vividgamer
      I have a native iOS game (objective c, XCode build) which I am considering to port to other platforms.
      Core gameplay is based on solely on geographical maps, and custom drawing over maps. It also has Core Data. This part is complete in development.
      What is not done yet is: monetization, gamification (leaderboards, challenges) and multiplayer functionality.
      As I think more about it, I am tempted to think if this is the right time to move to a cross platform tool such as Unity. But before dedicating time to port my 5 years side-project effort in Objective C, I really want to know if its worth it.
      - Does Unity support such plugins / assets that will fulfill all my above requirements?
      - Unity Personal seems to have only 20 concurrent users - is it too costly scaling if I decide for extending to web and android platforms?
      - What is the general workflow involved in publishing to iOS, Android, PC, and web platforms while using Unity? I mean to ask about various points of signing stuff, paying fees and getting certified.
      - How long will it really take to port my entire Objective C project into Unity? I am somewhat familiar with C# but I am finding it hard fidgeting with Unity IDE as lot of things are focused around FPS and 3D while my game is still 2d - not much action involved. I seem bit overwhelmed by the list of features I see there. All in all, I do not want to lose my momentum while still making sure its portable to everywhere.
      - Any assets I could use (for free to try basis in debug) that are relevant for my game?
      - Last but not the least, are there any costs that I need to be paying upfront to Unity, for using it (apart from their monthly subscription model)? I don't understand their costing for multiplayer in conjunction with their subscription fees - if someone could kindly elaborate.
      Thanks in advance for your time reading a newbie
    • By oranssi
      This is an adult psychedelic fighting game with spirits of the natural elements. 
      Choose your character to represent an anthropomorphic version of the different elements. 
      Earth, fire, air, water and more. There are 28 Archelemental spirits to choose from. 
      Take on challenges to unlock goodies such as NSFW content, new areas and even make 
      your own Archelemental to play and to share it with others.

    • By Prokariot
      This post game is about death, love and drugs.
      Download - https://gamejolt.com/games/Dead_Dream/259419
    • By mikesayso
      Hi Guys,
      Michael here, I work for a company called SaySo Rewards.
      I actually have a post about our company that you can find on this forum. It talks about how we are trying to work more closely with game developers to help with their funding while also rewarding the player.
      So super quick post. I have a home-made survey I would love it if anyone on here with 2-3 minutes free time could fill in.
      We will be attending GDC in San Francisco next week and it would be great to have some numbers on this to present at the conference.
      Please answer honestly, there are no personal questions being asked. 
      Could you do me a HUGE favor and leave a comment here if you do fill in the survey, I would really appreciate.
      Thanks guys, keep on gaming. Link below:
    • By fr0st2k
      Hello All.
      I have been working with a small team the last few months on development of a mobile RPG/gacha game, inspired by games like: Brave Frontier, Summoners War, One Piece Treasure Cruise, and even Diablo. 
      The idea behind the game is to create a fun collection game that has a good amount of strategy, with a focus on creating a true game for gamers.  Not a corporate run money grabber like the majority of mobile games.
      We have done a lot of work already on the game, however, I am at a point now where I need dedicated team members who have a passion for game development and the project.
      Take a look at some of the screenshots of the game to get an idea of where we are.
      The game involves collecting characters, and leveling them, to compete against more difficult encounters.  I took a lot of inspiration from my days playing Diablo 2.  If you boil down diablo's gameplay mechanics, you get a core game based around efficiency.  The better your items, the faster you can clear zones to the bosses, and the safer the battle with the bosses are.  After you kill the boss, you pull a slot machine lever and get more items.  The better your character(and skill), the more chances you get at pulling that slot machine lever.
      This game uses that core mechanic in a mobile environment.  Instead of running through Act3 to mephisto, you send your characters out on an 'explore' mission.  A specific amount of time goes by based on your characters power, then you fight a strategic boss fight, where you can win loot.  The explore times range from a few minutes, to hours/days.  You can speed up that time by playing a 'tap' game, similar to Tap Titans.  
      It is a great formula, and even without proper balancing, the game is already shaping up to be a lot of fun.
      --- What I need moving forward:
      Team requirements:
      1. Lead developer / Senior Programmer (unity)
      We need someone who is very fluent in unity game development, and someone who can lead a team of newer programmers. If you have been looking for a project that you can take control of, or need some resume building work that will provide a finished product to show off, this is a great position to fill, as the game is nearly complete already.
      Ideally, this candidate would be proficient in unity client and server side programming
      If you are interested in the position, we can talk profit sharing once the app launches.  (contracts will be required)
      2. Programmers
      If you are newer to programming, or just want to sharpen your skills and gain some experience on a game development team, reach out.  I'd be interested in talking to you and seeing if you are a good fit. 
      I suspect an NDA might be required, but other than that, this position would be great to hop in and out of, and again, would be a great way to contribute to a great project and gain valuable experience.
      3. Pixel Artist / Spine animator
      Either or.  I am currently getting art from a team out in Indonesia.  They are great, but hard to communicate with.  I'd love to have a dedicated artist with Spine(or any alternative 2d pixel animation) experience.  
      If you have interest in joining this team, please reply back.  Again, i'd like to reiterate, this is primarily a hobby based project.  However, it will eventually hit the app store and (ideally)generate income.  All team members will be a part of that revenue stream.
      Please respond with any questions, would be happy to respond.

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Spaceshooter Retrofabulous Join us!

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Hey everyone!


My husband and I have this idea for a uniquely retro mobile (Android/iOS) game. It's a top-down Shmup spaceshooter with a twist or three. My hubby (Jon) has some basic programming skills and has started creating a demo version of the game in GameMaker, but we both work full time. If we can get a team together, we would like to eventually relaunch a kickstarter page and get some funding to make the game a reality! For now, we are looking for the following so we can create a demo and further develop our vision:


Programmer(s): who loves shmups? Think Super Megaforce but not! We have already started in GameMaker, but Unity might work too.

GFX Pixel Artist: 8bit/16bit, we have a foundation that needs improvements!

Music Artist: High Octane/upbeat Chiptune soundtrack. We have nada!

If you have some skills, please post below with what role you would like to assume and we can get the ball rolling! 


Attached is one of the spaceship evolution concepts. 









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Hi, I'm a Unity developer who specializes in development of 2D games for the Android platform. 

I've got a fair amount of experience in working with bullet hell mechanics as well.


While I'm already working part-time for a studio, I'd love to help you guys out in my spare time.

If you decide to move your project to Unity and would like to get in touch with me - feel free to send me an email: rk.softwaredev@gmail.com

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Hey, I'm a composer and sound designer. I've done some retro/8-bit music and sound design before, if you'd like to  listen to this short showreel (the second and 4th pieces are probably in the right vein, no?) and let me know what you think!



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That's pretty awesome Daniel! I think we may have our musicians (to be fair I picked the first 2 I got responses from), but can we use you as a backup? 

We REALLY need a pixel artist (our designs need help!), and possibly another programmer. 

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We have most of our team set and ready! We could still use a pixel artist to create retro fabulous pixel space backgrounds! Please message me or reply to this post if you have experience in pixel art creation and would like to join our team. Thanks!


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Greetings Crashtest! We have tried to reach out to you via pm and on Discord. We are still searching for a gfx artist. We have our team, our Game Design Doc, and our communications set up and ready. 

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Hi Neowing,

My name is Hannah and I noticed your ad for some simple sounds for your retro style game. I have experience writing/creating sounds for similar games and will be able to make these for you in the next few days/weeks, depending on the amount of work needed, meaning that is one job off your list.

Here is a link to Jailbreak Islands, a game in which I created all the sounds and all the music for, demonstrating the types of sounds I believe would suit your game so you can hear my work https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamrek.jbisland&hl=en_GB

Let me know what you think!

All the best,


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