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C++ Recursion Quick Sort

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Edit : Maybe this should be in Beginners forum.  Sorry if it should be there.




Hello everyone, we're getting closer to the holidays.  Everyone have a safe happy season. 


I'm having trouble with a recursion problem for an : Inside the Quick Sort example.  At the very least, I am having trouble understanding how the right side of the quick sort is done after doing all the left hand subsections.  I understand that the partition function's job is to keep reducing the left-hand subsection.

I am not very good at recursion yet and I am also having trouble mostly with the two quicksort calls in the quicksort function.  

I could really use some help.  Thank you,



Here is the code:


#include <iostream>
void getdata(int[], int);
void display(int[], int);
void swap(int &, int &);
void partition(int[], int&, int&);
void quicksort(int[], int, int);

//using std;
int main() {

	const int max = 10;
	int list[max];
	getdata(list, max);
	std::cout << "initial list\n";
	display(list, max);
	quicksort(list, 0, max - 1);
	std::cout << "sorted list:\n";
	display(list, max);

	while (1);


void getdata(int a[], int n)

	a[0] = 10;
	a[1] = 9;
	a[2] = 8;
	a[3] = 7;
	a[4] = 6;
	a[5] = 5;
	a[6] = 4;
	a[7] = 3;
	a[8] = 2;
	a[9] = 1;


void display(int a[], int n)

	for (int i = 0; i < n; i++)
		std::cout << a[i] << "[" << i << "]\t";

	std::cout << std::endl;

void swap(int &a, int &b)
	int temp = a; a = b; b = temp;

void quicksort(int a[], int left, int right)

	int l = left, r = right;


	partition(a, l, r);

	if (left < r)
		quicksort(a, left, r);


	if (l < right)
		quicksort(a, l, right);

void partition(int a[], int &l, int &r)



	int pivot = a[l];
	while (r > l)
		while (a[l] < pivot)++l;
		while (pivot < a[r])--r;
		if (l > r)continue;
		swap(a[l], a[r]);
		++l; --r;





Thanks again.

Edited by Josheir

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