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Box2D for Visual Studio - "Cannot open Box2D.h" when building

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I did the following:

1. Download the Box2D zip

2. In the Box2D folder, I used premake5 with the command line 


premake5.exe vs2015

3. I opened the solution in VS 2015 and built it

4. I created an box2d folder with subdirectories "inlclude" and "lib"

5. I copied the built library into the lib folder

6. Copy pasted the Box2D folder containing the cpp and h files in the the include folder

7. In project properties, I located and added all the necessary directories and dependancies

The testing program works. Also, VS recognises the members of the Box2D header, which is also quite strange. I even set the build target to x64. I would highly appreciate some help with this, thank you in advance! :)

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