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3D (DX9) Problem Octree with a Big Static Mesh - Urgent Help

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Hey, Im trying to use this Octree sample from Davig Ang https://www.programmingmind.com/demo/basic-octree

What happens its that works perfectly with small meshes or medium meshes, buuut, with a really big mesh, dont.


The mesh I want to use:


What happens on Octree App:



As I said, this happens ONLY with BIG MESHES, small meshes like on the sample all works good. I already tried to change the #defines, because its a big mesh, but nothing works.

Thanks for help.

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15 minutes ago, Infinisearch said:

Did you change the GPU code to upload and use 32bit indices too?



mGroups.numFaces * 3 * sizeof(UINT);

UINT *indices;

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I deleted most of the map objects, to turn it into a small mesh, but I got the same problem lol.



With this mesh (example), all works good.



@Loading the mesh out of this octree system, like DX mesh viewer, I can see normally

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Probably the problem is here:

// Copy over all the faces and groups from the mesh			
	unsigned int *indices		= NULL;
	unsigned long  *attributes	= NULL;

	newMesh->LockIndexBuffer( D3DLOCK_READONLY, (void**)&indices );	
	newMesh->LockAttributeBuffer(D3DLOCK_READONLY, &attributes );

	for(DWORD i = 0; i < totalFaces; i++)
		mFaces[i].v1 = *indices++; 
		mFaces[i].v2 = *indices++; 
		mFaces[i].v3 = *indices++;
		mFaces[i].group = attributes[i]; // Store the group (attribute) index - this is where the grouping happens

		mGroups[attributes[i]].numFaces++; // Keep count of the number of faces		


Im getting problem with mGroups on my meshes, so CreateIndexBuffer failed and crash the program. What I was doing before to run program, I was simply ignoring when mGroups.indexBuffer is null, but I think that its the problem.



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