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In need of several talents for an Android Text-based Multiple ending horror game

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Hi there Game Dev. community!


What is the game about?

I am currently working on a horror text-based game for the android platform. The game is set out to be a fully textual novel or a visual one depending on the availability of the artist. 

The game will feature multiple choices for the player, the consequences will vary and the emphasis will be on the 7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues. More information on this will be provided if you do decide to join!


What have you done so far? What do you add to the team?

I have shipped several android games and applications for the past 3 years. My tasks will mostly be development, writing and translation in terms of this project. 

So far I have succeeded into finishing the first prototype of the game with required initial visual effects such as fading. On addition to that I have set up audio and sound managers as well as a timer for quick choice events.


What kind of talents do you need?

1- Writer - To help with writing the branching decisions within the plot as I haven't finished the story fully yet.

2- Concept designer / Artist / (UI/UX) Designer - To work on the overall design of the game (Pictures in every scene, menu buttons...etc.).

3- Music and Sound composer - To compose sound effects and music applicable to the game.

4- Android Developer - Help maintain the code and structure the events in a hierarchical organized manner as well as optimize and test the game.


What am I getting in return?

1- The fun of seeing something small growing into something bigger the more you work into it.

2- Appropriate percentage of Rev-Share between all joining members as the game will be shipped in two versions, the free one with ads and the paid without. 


tl;dr: Horror text-based game with multiple endings on Android, yeah that's something quite new.


Thank you for reading this long wall of text. If you're interested please join my discord channel for further explanation:



If you have any more questions feel free to PM, comment or email me.

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Hi, mate.  I'm a transcriptionist/writer/proof reader by trade.  If you like I can proof read, help write and offer continuity suggestions for your text.  Cheers.

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10 hours ago, Raithen said:

Hi, mate.  I'm a transcriptionist/writer/proof reader by trade.  If you like I can proof read, help write and offer continuity suggestions for your text.  Cheers.

Sure, that sounds great! Join me on discord so I could show you the script. 


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