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Sound Design heavy music in games

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Hello Everyone,

New to the forum, I'm a Vancouver-based music producer-composer for film/trailers & games.

Curious about what devs/music implementators have to say about sound design heavy music implementation in games. I'm talking specifically about high energy timing-specific music with distinct SFX sounds, sudden twists and turns where you don't want to lose beats/bars or use lazy fade transitions, how to avoid audible repetitions (randomized multi-layered tracks?) and properly sync it with the onscreen action.

I was recently asked to produce a track for a game cutscene that will be later used for certain hi-action gameplay scenes, but my main concern is the implementation process. WWise will handle it technically, no doubt, but slightly worried about the artistic sacrifices to make it happen. Or maybe I'm overthinking it way too much.

The piece in question is below. I'm sure the team will find a way to get this working, but this is more of a general question about how you guys approach the process.



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Obviously there are going to be artistic sacrifices in trying to match audio to visuals in cutscenes. That's just the nature of things. You'd do what you can to get things to match up, especially on the major visual beats, and maybe supply some feedback to the team if you think a recut would help a lot, e.g. to move a key frame.

In actual gameplay, I'm less aware of anyone trying to do anything complex here; transitions often happen at the end of a measure, or sometimes the underlying music is written without a clear beat so that a switch to high-intensity music can happen at any point.

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