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_declspec(align(16)) vs alignas(16)

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Visual Studio supports C++11's alignas since version 2015. Though, in much samples from Microsoft, I still notice the use of "_declspec(align(16))". I guess the reason is for backwards compatibility with Visual Studio 2013. C++17 extends the alignas behavior by also ensuring the right alignment for dynamic memory allocation. Before C++17, one would have to override the operators new, new[], delete, delete[] for the right alignment of dynamically allocated memory. So is there still some non-mentioned benefit in preferring _declspec(align(16)) over alignas(16)? Note that with alignas it is still possible to override the operators new, new[], delete, delete[].


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Well you mostly point it out yourself: __declspec(align(x)) (note the double underscore, by the way) has largely been superseded by alignas. If you really need to support older versions of C++ where it was not present, it might be of use, though I'd use something like this myself

#if ...
	#define ALIGNAS(x) alignas(x)
  	#define ALGINAS(x) __declspec(align(x))

But it is, of course, not necessary and you can stick with the pre-c++11 version if you want to ensure that backwards compatibility.

Note that GCC/Clang typically require __attribute__((aligned(x)) instead, if you were planning to support either by any chance. 

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