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Shane McCloskey

Our gaming community wants a new game

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I am a player for WCRA, the company kixeye who have developed it has upset it's player base. We are looking to take all our money for microtransactions in this game and put it into a kick starter fund or other like it to build a mobile war game rts that is built around the community ideas. If anyone is interested I will invite you to our line chat group that represents approximately 40000 players in War Commander Rogue Assault to discuss thus with the community leaders

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Our top-down shmup retro 80s space shooter game is called Neowing E.X.E., and it's already on kick-starter.  We are at the stage of creating a demo, so there is room for some changes/suggestions. We have a good team together, and we would love to incorporate some future players' ideas into the game if it's something your community would be interested in? Check us out: 


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err, i don't seem to be able to install line(got some shitty hardware here)

But, i looked over your forums and i kinda have an idea what's going on;

the developers became greedy to the point of being scammy and pissed more and more players off,

however the game also focuses around events, that need to be set-up(costly) and seem a main-way of attracting players.

What i recommend is that you look for a game that's already out there and move your clan(?) there,

it will not only be less costly in money, but also in time, and you got a guarantee there 's a working version.

Specifically, if you want to have something to say about the game it needs to be a game that still gets updates,

plus, you gotta know what the goal(s) of the developer is.

(often money, but it's important to note whether the developer is actually reaching his goal(break even/profit)

or not, if not the game will generally get overhauls that pisses off some players)


hope this helps.

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