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Farming Dead - idle zombie game for iOS

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Hi guys! We are exited to announce Farming Dead a free idle zombie game, which is availabe for free on the App Store.
App Store link:
Ever wanted to have zombies, many zombies, and see them infect the world? Well, then let's go farming dead! Farm zombies for fun and profit in this relaxing idle simulation game!
Start from the bottom with a cute zombie and with big dreams of achieving zombie domination. Tap n’ swipe to collect viruses, spawn zombies, buy upgrades and repeat. It’s simple as that. There are many hilarious zombies to unlock and humorous upgrades to buy.
The more viruses you spend for upgrades the more viruses they produce for you. There’s no progress without sacrifice, so you regularly need to sacrifice your zombies to keep gaining even more. Just chop their heads off and see how the production goes up! Hire beautiful babes for mega boosts. Your zombies will love them! Get and feed cute pets and… oh no, poor little pets when they become big and juicy… they will help in infecting the world! To infect humans you will need to extract cells from zombies. Get the dust off the extractor and squeeze as many cells as possible from every zombie.
* FARM funny zombies and produce viruses
* SIMPLE tap n' swipe to collect viruses; spend it on awesome upgrades… and profit!
* GENERATE viruses even when you are offline
* OPEN ZOMBOXES to discover new zombies
* DEFEND your zombies from commando attacks
* REVIVE your killed zombies
* SLICE some hams to feed the zombies; they won’t produce viruses on an empty stomach, huh…
* EXTRACT infectious cells from zombies and infect the world of humans
* UNLOCK cute pets… and find out their purpose
* SACRIFICE your zombies and spend it on new upgrades, there’s no progress without sacrifice!
* MIX some bloody ingredients like brains, worms, and blood to make delicious cocktails and unlock unseen types of zombies
* AMUSE zombies with a charming belly dancer or serve fresh popcorn for profit
* HIRE BEAUTIFUL BABES for mega boosts
* VISIT ZOMBIEWOOD and be rewarded
* SPIN & WIN for exclusive bonuses
* TONS OF ACHIEVEMENTS for you to discover
* EASY TO PLAY for the whole family
Play Farming Dead now, and get ready for zombastic fun!

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We have just released an update to Farming Dead:

- iPhone X fullscreen support
- All zombies have a name
- Invite your friends and boost virus production
- Brag about unlocking a zombie, ranking up etc. and earn gold
- Fixes a bug when watching ads and not getting the reward or the game freezes
- Commando attacks changes: now it’s much easier to kill them and the revive price is cheaper
- Fixes a bug when the game not responds to tap actions like: can't choose a zombie for an unlocked plot, can't activate belly dancer etc.
- Fixes a bug in the tutorial

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Update 1.1 released!

What's new:

- 9 new zombies!
- Animal zombies now give cell extraction bonus!
- Scores. Everything you do in the game will give you scores, which is submitted to the global Game Center leaderboard. Also, you can see your Facebook friends' scores. More multiplayer features coming soon!
- Commando attack changes
- Belly dance now lasts 30 seconds
- Minor fixes for iPhone X

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Update 1.2 released!

What's new:

- Introducing Wars! This is a multiplayer feature where players compete against each other! There are war seasons, which lasts 7 days and at the end the top players will receive rewards and trophies!
- Virus/head upgrades bug fixes. Some upgrades could make problems after sacrifice.
- New app icon.


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Update 1.2.4 released:
- War: fixing bug when not getting reward at the season end

- Belly dance now gives more points

- Other minor fixes

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