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DX12 Looking for more sharpDX examples and tutorials

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I am looking for some example projects and tutorials using sharpDX, in particular DX12 examples using sharpDX. I have only found a few. Among them the porting of Microsoft's D3D12 Hello World examples (https://github.com/RobyDX/SharpDX_D3D12HelloWorld), and Johan Falk's tutorials (http://www.johanfalk.eu/).

For instance, I would like to see an example how to use multisampling, and debugging using sharpDX DX12.

Let me know if you have any useful examples.


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You're welcome! I wrote my game engine based on SharpDX with DirectX 11 and I found them very useful. The tutorials from Rastertek are very good in my opinion and someone converted them all to SharpDX. The code is not optimized, but I found it incredible useful for learning things.

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