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Hello, i'd like to introduce a new webgame called Galactic ERA to all of you.

Game link http://aall.space/

This game is a browser based (but we do have APK for those who like to play on mobile.) Online space strategy game. It supports multi language, you can switch at bottom in login screen.


This game is free, doesn't like some "free to play" and then give you many in-game buying. This game is like warframe or EVE online, All the items you can buy by cash is obtainable by in-game currency. And payed player doesn't have significant advantage than normal players. (well ,if you like to support the developer, maybe you can buy a monthly card)

The background is space age and people start to expand from the Earth. All players starts from planet 1-1 (where is the spawn of all players for now, and have best facilities in the game) with a frigate hull and some basic weapons/defenses. By defeating the enemy in missions you can gain experience and UCP (currency in game), You can see i'm level 22 (at right bottom of my portrait.) The level determines what you can buy from the market (mostly, produce permissions for equipment) and skills unlocked (the skill system is like EVE online, it doesn't use skill point by level but you spend time on skills) Here is the planet view of the game.


The game have ship design system. You can arrange weapons and equipment in your ship, and the design will reflect in battle. (e.g. if you put all armor in front, then your ship will be fragile when enemy hit you from side.)


The system map of this game, You can conquer the planet and develop it. Every planet has it's own mining values, Some are rich and easy to harvest, and some are poor and harvest slowly.


This game has a large system, but it also have a full galaxy for you to explore ! The clan first discover the new system can name it. As the game is developed by Chinese developers, so most the player is Chinese for now.


And last but not least, the game has a good view of combat, You can monitor how your ship crash the enemy piece by piece, blow their shield, pierce their armor and explode their energy core.


This game is still in Beta, currently all saved progress will be deleted on December 1. And then the game officially start running and keep the progress. 

Game link http://aall.space/

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