Style for game update, feedback much appreciated.

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Hello GameDev, 

The past couple days I've been busy revamping the look of a game I'm working on.  So far I'm happy with results.  I'd appreciate any feedback.  My weakness are colors as I am color-blind.  Here are some photos.  Also, I'd like to thank Prinz Eugn for helping me last time.  A lot of your suggestions and the colors you choose look awesome.  Thanks!


Screenshot from 2017-11-17 21-58-35.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-17 21-58-51.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-17 21-59-33.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-17 22-01-55.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-17 22-00-29.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-17 22-01-11.png

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20 hours ago, Awoken said:

Thanks, the only thing I can think of bright greens on the vegetation in the desert areas?  

World looks really good (Planet view), Well yeah that one , somehow it looks to bright when you comaring it with sand , but it looks good when you comparing it with everything else. I dunno, maybe its just me

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