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Just another beginer story

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Me and a friend have been thinking of making a game, but the thing is that, we only have someone who only knows how to write and very VERY basic coding (Me) and another person who can make the music and know a bit more coding and know how to use Game Maker.

We are thinking of making a top down Action RPG with some crafting elements, is it possible to make it with our limited abilities? obviously we are open to learn and improve, but, can we start and do something with what we already have?

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What plan do you have so far? What tools are you planning to use?
It will really depend on how big the idea is and what you're going to make it with. The patience you have is also going to be a factor so making sure that you're having fun while making it can be really important. The crafting system might be a bit heavy code wise if you want stuff like drag and drop so save that for later when you have a bit more experience. Try making a prototype first to see how difficult it is to get a guy swinging a sword and a few enemies moving around.

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We plan to make something like your typical "Guy goes into dungeon" scenario, the only difference would be that instead of a dungeon, the character is exploring a big maze like forest.
More than a crafting system, we were thinking on something like "He gets this kind of metal that releases heat and a bar of wood, and he can make a new flaming sword", we wanted him to use these new weapons to get access to new places in the forest, kind of like in a Metroidvania (but in top down RPG flavour), so it wouldn't be like "oh no, I've run out of arrows, let's go back to the village and make 100 more), it would be more like a progression system.

And the only tools we have right now are RPG maker (which we don't want to use because we don't want our game to be too generic), Game Maker (which we are actually OK on using because we have been learning a bit about it recently) and Unity (Which for now is completely out of our reach).

I have another friend who is actually a computer ingeneer, but I don't want to bother him hahaha, so we are locked with the two of us for now.

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Using game maker is fine, spelunky and a bunch of good games have been made with it. Sounds like you want to do a game like the earlier Zelda games. I'd start small, scale back the idea to just two areas with one upgrade and see how that goes. If you finish that you can think about continuing with the rest. It's really important to get a sense of proportion so you don't struggle forever and feel like you're not getting anywhere. So scale everything down until you have a tiny game, and then scale it back up when you have a sense of what you're doing and the time scale involved.

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I would advice you something I used to do when my code knowledge wasnt good, Make a plan of the game of course, then start with basic stuff like movement/ entering - exiting dungeon, then add enemie encounters etc , then loot, than lvl up system, by the way you done all this stuff by learning and looking for right sollutions you will be much better in coding, well at  least in game maker. Good luck to you mate :) , P.S. You cant become pro in coding just in one week, be prepared for some serious time crafting your knowledge.

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