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Zombie Commander - lead the apocalypse !

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Hello dear game creators !

I introduce the game I'm working since one year. Its name is Zombie Commander
It is a game about leading a zombie invasion. Tired of classical zombie survival games ? This time, you lead the invasion !

Spread the infestation accross cities. And build your hordes, attack human armies and refugees. However, the human won't let themselves getting slaughtered without resistance...

Main features :

-7 kind of units to build your hordes
-AI progressive reaction
-Tech tree to improve your hordes
-3 resources : Manpower, infestation, and research

The game is still in development and will be releases in 2018 for Windows and Android tablets

The first trailer of the game:

Official website

Don't hesitate to follow the project on
-Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/zombiecommandergame/
-Twitter : https://twitter.com/ZombieCommGame
-Mastodon : https://mastodon.social/@ZombieCommander

As the game is still in creation, feel free to give your opinion about it.

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