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Choosing Flowfield Methods

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I need some help determining which methods of path finding i should use. The scenario is that i want 100-1000 agents (with steering behaviors) moving to a single location (the player) via a flow field. I am currently following this PDF for guidance (Supreme Commander 2 Pathfinding) but a lot of the technologies they use are meant for an RTS. Different groups of agents often have different goals to move toward to. Since i have a single, consistent goal, would i still implement things like an A* search through sectors based on an agent's location in the map (there's a lot of agents so..), or would i simply generate the flow fields in the sectors that are occupied?

Basically, since i have a single target at all times, which technologies should i use and which should i forget about

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Disclaimer: I didn't read your link.

You can use Dijkstra to compute the distance from any node to the player. Then have the agents move to the lowest-value node they are adjacent to.

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19 hours ago, IADaveMark said:

I've been referencing the gameaipro link, but the video is something new, thanks ill check it out!

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