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Isvar Arthur

Advice for education

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Hi folks!

I'm trying to set the "correct" path for the game education of a young girl (12). I work under the Scratch environment but she is reaching its limits, so it's better to find a new challenge.

What do you think to be the best advice?

If there is too few details or so, please give indications about that in order to receive thorougly responses. Example: she has almost zero knowledge about Java and nothing about other languages. But good news are she is relatively fluent with Python. So, my first idea was to get into the Pygame world to take advantage of her present knowledge rather than starting from zero in another environment.

Thanks for your replies!

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What does she want to do? That is usually the most productive path, especially at that age level. 

People who want to build something specific are motivated to experiment, they will read up on what they want to do, and will often master topics that they otherwise wouldn't.  Don't worry about limitations at that age, only focus on finding ways to build the thing they want to build. (For me, one building block was learning about matrix math and linear algebra topics at roughly the same age as her, then surprising my math teachers with the questions I was asking when I got stuck.)

Pygame is a viable option for games she would want to make.  If she has interest she should be able to build quite a lot.

JavaScript -- the language of the Web -- is also an easy transition from Python.  One of the better tutorials for that is https://www.w3schools.com/js/. Building games that can be played directly in the browser can be satisfying.

There are other tools that require different programming languages, so if she isn't interested in those it would be best not to force them on her.  Keep it focused on whatever she wants to build.

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Problem is she's not sure what path to take.

I think that's due to her lack of proper focus over existing alternatives out there. But at that age, that is completely normal.

On the other hand, she is manifestly skilled and capable of very highlighted creations... with the proper tools.

Maybe it's time to ask her if she wants to go heavy on code and dare to make Pygame creations, or if the temptation to go directly to any kind of desired game is even stronger and agrees to try GameMaker or Construct (and not being too far away from the likes of Scratch).


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