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SWARMED: Zombie-themed RPG / RTS looking for survivors

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SWARMED is a Zombie-themed RPG / RTS currently in development using Unity 3D. We love Dwarf Fortress (though we have no illusions that SWARMED will reach the same level of complexity), roguelikes, old-school point & click RPGs and real-time strategy games. We aim to cross genre-borders here and there and give some twists to the old Martinis every gamer has been drinking since the 1980s, metaphorically.

  • Single player, 3D graphics and adjustable top-down camera - old-school RPG / RTS feeling
  • Take control of a core group of survivors after the outbreak
  • Encounter Zombies that are a real threat, no machine-gun massacre. Don't get swarmed!
  • Build a safe zone anywhere with a highly flexible build system: campsite, lighthouse, school, or fence a whole village
  • Grant asylum to other survivors that you meet and make them a part of your community
  • Achieve sustainability in your safe zone and go on supply runs with your survivors



The core team of recently founded indie studio Three Eyed Games currently consists of one writer, two artists and two programmers, based in Germany. We are in our mid-20s with professional experience in developing interactive 3D applications with Unity.

SWARMED will feature both a 'free-play mode' and a campaign with mid-sized maps that leads the player through a story while explaining the gameplay and introducing him / her to the survivors: a core group a few 'hero' characters the player starts with (each one a detailed character with backstory, hopes and dreams), and more 'heroes' (total not more than 20, probably less) that the player can meet on the journey. In addition, randomly generated NPCs (less detailed and not directly controllable, similar to the way Dwarf Fortress handles its dwarves) can join your safe zone – if you let them.

We plan to release a few 'Origin' prototypes that showcase individual gameplay systems and meanwhile give a gentle introduction to the characters you will meet in the game. Origin I, showcasing the build system and many fundamental elements like character controls and interactions, is finished and will be released soon. Next up, we're working on the dialog system to be presented in Origin II. Get in touch and we will provide more details and a playable version.

We want you!

We seriously think you should join the fun! We are looking for:

  • Level Designers / Environment Artists, preferably with experience in Unity and procedural asset creation. Design and build maps with interesting visuals and proper pacing.
  • 3D Artists. Our shacks, items and the dead guys' faces could use some plastic surgery. Can you do that?
  • Writers. We have a bunch of characters to detail and a story to write ahead of us.
  • Game Designers. We have a rough game design sketched out that needs improvement and completion. We need a balanced combat system, trees for constructions, workshops and character skills etc.
  • PR & Community Managers, preferably with web development experience. We want to build a community around the game, and we need you to plan and manage this (with the help of the rest of the team, of course).
  • 2D Artists / UX Designers, preferably with Unity UI experience. Our menus still look pretty dull, and we don't like that. We also need concept art for characters and iconic game moments to define their look and feel.
  • Coders. If you know your way around Unity and C#, there are lots of challenging things to be done. You will work closely together with the two programmers already on the team to get going quickly.

Please drop me a message or contact info@three-eyed-games.com

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We added one game designer / programmer to the team! He currently helps with structuring and streamlining the ideas we have, and creating a more complete roadmap for further development, before diving into the code with us :)

Drop a message if you want to learn more about the project!

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We took one more programmer and a composer on board. Happy to say that our team is also getting more and more international, now including members from Canada, USA, Australia and Germany!

...so what about all you writers on gamedev.net? Get in touch!

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