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Stefan Ruffler

Looking for UI Sound Design Feedback

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From a non-sound person, it's difficult to judge upon a fictional UI. I want a UI to give me good sound feedback from my input and also have sound to communicate things to me (like bells and alarms to alert of game events). I have no idea what the UI is supposed to do so I can't tell if the sounds match the readings on the screen. For me, it'd be easier to give feedback if you'd take gameplay footage of an existing sci-fi game in which there's a lot of UI interaction that you could mute and redesign all the sounds.

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Some nice stuff here! I would be curious if you blended some of the synth sounds with other real world foley so you had some organic layers in there as well. Ben Burtt always says that's how you can make something believable.  Having only synth layers can make it sound too fake. 

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On 24/11/2017 at 7:42 AM, Stefan Ruffler said:

I would greatly appreciate any feedback for my sound design take on a UI video

It would be good to have a little more guidance as to the intent of the sound design.

While all the sounds seem to go with their visual counterparts quite well, I can say without hesitation that any user of this UI would be scrambling for the mute button - less tends to be more when it comes to UI sounds, and sounds that aren't in direct response to user input quickly become unpleasant.

That said, sci-fi UI concepts tend to be seriously over the top (for example,

" rel="external">the full-body workout that is Minority Report's computer interface), and in that context, this may work well.

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