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I'd like to start building a 2D game, very small, just pixel art. I know python/javascript/tiny bit of HTML and I've started learning C++. I'm a long way from starting officially, I've just been making mini-projects to practice & drawing up concept art/gameplay storyboards. I'm just wondering if I'm off with the C++ for the game's programming, or if I should know certain things before starting.

The game would be very small, I just want to get started trying out some actual work before college.

Some other info: I'm working by myself on this, and going into game design/programming next year for college. I'm a high school student with a few years of experience just working by myself making small projects, drawing up stuff, so I really don't know much and I'd appreciate any tips.

Thanks a bunch!

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Starting small means that you're already half way, so that's cool :)

Don't have many tips other than telling you to just start with whatever tool you want / prefer. 

Want to make html5 games? Go with phaser. 

Want to make native games? Go with SDL (so you also learn C/C++ in the meantime) . 

Just learn as you make, I think it's the best way. Let us know when your game is ready! :)

P.s. Next week try to join Ludum Dare! 

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I would consider going with Unity or Unreal. It looks like you're not afraid to learn new languages and C# for Unity or C++ for Unreal are solid foundations for a career in computer programming as well. Unity is probably the easiest to dive into and has an incredible amount of learning resources now that will help you get some simple projects up and running quickly. Ultimately you're on the right track with whatever you decide though, any object oriented language you learn will only help you down the road.

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