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Looking for Unity Programmer/Multiplayer Developer

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Project: Zwars.io A multiplayer zombie survival 'shoot em up' "IO" game based on the web. The Zwars prototype will be developed in Unity 3D (A link to the GDD will be provided privately.)

Company: SymmetryGames LLC is the parent company producing/designing Zwars.io. (Website provided privately) Zwars.io is SymmetryGames LLC’s first official video game title.  

Looking For: SymmetryGames LLC is looking for a talented and skilled individual Unity 3D Programmer/Developer/Networker with a core understanding of the Unity 3D game engine and C# programming fundamentals as well as essential game design theory concepts. This individual should also have sufficient mastery of Unity 3D networking and multiplayer development/implementation.

SymmetryGames LLC Team: The current Zwars.io project development team consists of the following individuals:
- Two 3D Artists (One of which is me)
- One Unity Developer
- One 2D Concept Artist
- One Sound Designer
- One Creative Director

Project Length: The Zwars.io prototype will be completed within two-three months. (80-90% of all 3D models/animations are already complete and many core C# mechanics are also already done within Unity.)

Payment: Funding for Zwars will be derived from a Kickstarter Campaign (launched shortly after the prototype's completion) as well as from our company's budget for this project. The Unity 3D Developer/Networking Position will receive payment of 200 USD for the development/design of the Zwars.io prototype. Additional compensation will be awarded post-Kickstarter for the design/release of the official video game.

Contact: Please contact us via email at business@symmetrygames.net All applicants should include a short description of themselves as well as any links to any portfolio. (Note: A portfolio is not required for a development position)

Thank you very much for your time! - SymmetryGames LLC Team

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SymmetryGames/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SymmetryGames
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/symmetrygamesllc/

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