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Looking for Unity Programmer/Designer

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* Project Dimension is a first-person shooter/survival horror game.
* The envisioned gameplay and mechanics are similar to the Left 4 Dead games. 
* Fights will be fast-paced, run and gun, and enemies will be numerous.

* There will be horde enemies, special enemies, mini-boss, and boss enemies.
* Levels will be pre-made and linear (players reaching the safehouse) with enemies and supplies procedurally generated (offering a unique experience each time).


The goal of the demo is to give the audience (publishers, investors, consumers) a survival horror experience as well as see the potential of the full game.

Primarily, I am seeking a partner who has experience in Unity who can construct the demo using the assets provided. This includes coding/scripting and possibly creating the demo levels (unless we use the demo scenes).


* Toolkit to assist with first-person shooter development
* Horror GUI toolkit to assist with basic interface and menu creation
* Procedural Toolkit to assist with procedural generation scripts
* 3D Gun and Melee Weapon Assets
* 3D Environment assets (abandoned apartment building models, explosive barrels, post-apocalyptic themed items)
* 3D Enemy Models
* 3D Player Model
* Horror Sounds

Payment can be discussed privately. Depending on interest and goals of the candidate, I can discuss other payment in addition such as company equity, royalties, etc which can be detailed and solidified via contract.

If interested, please PM me or email jobs@illuminativegames.com

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