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GO MAGA! (Game of Trump idea) RPG Maker MV

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I decided to express my political concerns with a Final Fantasy style RPG game made using RPG Maker MV.

Now I am an elderly noob with limited programming experience and no Photoshop or Java, as yet, but I am training myself. It's really fun, actually!

Basically, I feel that if I'm just going to die in a few years anyway, I should get this idea developed. Maybe some people will get a few LOLs out of it?

This game has been carefully conceptualized, story, mechanics, visual aspects, layout and a few aspects are fully written out.

The game idea seems original, funny, playable and maybe even fun. I will need custom art such as character sets, tilesets, faces, pictures, animations, enemies, battlers and such, and I am willing to pay.

I have a blog where the basics of the GO MAGA! game are elaborated on at more length.

Finally, and most important, my wish is to develop my clumsy horrible version, as I am worse than an amateur, as a "proof of concept" and then maybe some more qualified entity will recognize the potential and develop it correctly. I will happily contribute whatever small amount of my Social Security which leaves enough for my continued survival, I suppose?.

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