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Game Engine & Server Project / Space Sim like Eve

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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for people who would be interested in working on a hobby game engine and server. I'm looking to build a game engine in order to get a good end to end understanding of all the components as well as building a distributed entity-component-system backend as well (think SpatialOS). I'm wondering if there are other proficient developers who are also interested in understanding and building this system from scratch, learning and building on the best practices from existing game engines. I'm open to collaborating on the same engine as well as people working together, but on their own engines as well. I'm open to the general engine being open source as well as possibly providing some compensation depending on the circumstances.

In conjunction with the engine, I'm also aiming to build a lightweight space econ/battle simulation game much in the style of Eve Online. I would like this to be developed into release game, though that would be further in the future.

My background:

I've been in the game dev community for quite a while now, with a pretty broad range of knowledge. During the day I'm an engineer at Google, having worked on large projects at Amazon and Microsoft as well in the past. So experience in large scale systems and projects as well. I have decent background in building scalable and distributed systems as well.

Technology stack:

  • C#
  • DirectX 12 via SharpDX
  • Protobuf & GRPC for network

Current progress:

I have a working renderer which renders obj models via a (primitive) scene graph. There 2D UI framework which is built on top of Direct2D using DirectX11 interoperability layer. Next steps include flushing out the UI system as well as implementing deferred rendering, physics, etc.


I'm partly gauging interest at this point. If you're interested, please let me know what your background and skillsets are as well as what particular areas you're interested in.


Thank you!


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