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Alexander Orefkov

Hot Beach Volleyball - developing

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Hi All!

I started developing a mobile game for android and I want to share the results already achieved.
Game - Beach volleyball.

I really like beach volleyball. Well, at least, look how the girls play in it :) What else to dream in a snowy Russia, how not about the sun, the sea, hot sand and beautiful girls in a bikini? Therefore, I wanted to have in my phone a game that allows me to pleasantly pass the time, throwing a virtual ball through a virtual net.

Modern smartphones already allow the use of powerful graphics, and I expected to easily find a similar game, but when I tried to find games about beach volleyball on my Android device, I was disappointed. Existing games had either bad graphics or bad gameplay. And most often both at once. So I decided to do it myself (if you want something to be done well - do it yourself).

When creating the game, I'm inspired by such games as "Summer Heat Beach Volleyball" and "Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball". Of course, with the amendment to the fact that the game will have to work on mobile devices.

The main idea of the game concept is a fast and fun gameplay, with large plans for the playing field, so that the characters and the field itself occupy most of the screen. Smooth and intelligent movement of the camera, giving the most profitable overview of the game moments. Possibility of slowmo replay of game moments and viewing them from any point of view.

There will be approximately 3-4 different game locations and 6-10 characters, from which the player will be able to compose commands arbitrarily. Part of the locations and characters are initially locked and open as the game progresses. Each character has its own values of the game characteristics. For fans of the strategic direction of the game will be the ability to develop the characteristics of each of the characters and lead the management of teams, as the characters will also have different coherence when playing in a team with other characters.

This is the current stage:

This is the screencast of the current alpha version of the game.

There is work on the playing according to the rules.
While the bots simply beat the ball back with the addition of a random change to the speed of the ball.
Worked the order of the serves, the presence of the goal, the change of the court, counting scores.
The game is up to 5 points with a matchball. After the victorious dance, a new party begins.
Video sometimes slows down due to the recording of the video itself. When the recording is not conducted, the FPS is stable 55-60.
Device Yotaphone 2 (2014 year, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, Adreno 330, 2GB RAM), FullHD.
Just now you can not control characters, only pause game and move camera by joystick in pause state.

Who wants - can download apk.

For creating game I used Urho3D engine. Models was created in Makehuman and Blender, animations are standard from mixamo.
In the future I plan to make mocap with kinnect for animation.

To raise funds for the game, I started a campaign on Indiegogo
Please, if possible, share links to the campaign, so that as many people can learn about the upcoming game.

My main site











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