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I have a question about using open source software:

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This might sound like a stupid question but...
Ive been wondering if theres any risks or disadvantages upon using open source software (blender, gimp, audacity, etc.)
Do I own the rights of my work that was made using open source software?
Does the license say anything about it?
I would love to hear a lawyers explaination about the license.

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3 hours ago, Ghoston015 said:

Ive been wondering if theres any risks or disadvantages upon using open source software (blender, gimp, audacity, etc.)

In short any files you make using Blender, Gimp and Audacity are your property. So 3D models, Images and Sound files are all yours if you made them.

A note: Not all file formats are open format. Like DWG of AutoCAD was still a closed format last time I checked. Meaning that you can't use DWG files for making games without there permission.


The long:

The license of each should tell you the details. Open source doesn't always mean the same license but it means you can use there source code.

How you are allowed to use that source code and software is agreed by terms they give you. Blender for example uses a Copyleft license: https://www.blender.org/about/license/ that means if you use there source code but you have to allow others the same.

That means that you either release your own code under the same license or you keep your code and the blender code separate so people can access it under blenders terms.

Your blend files and 3D models is your own.


Example: You made a game and used the Blender source code to create a character editor for your game. Now because blender is covered by the GNU license you can do the following.

A.) Give your game and source code away for free.

B.) Sell your game but give the source code away for free.

C.) Sell your game and protect it's source code. Then give away the source code for the character creator away for free.

D.) Use the blender source code to generate the data you need, and only read that data. Don't integrate the source code into yours and allow people to access it if they want.

Now the above is not true for all opensource software and it helps to double check. Not all of Audacity plugins are under the open license.


The GNU license is designed to protect and not to restrict. You can't sell Blender's source code as your own.

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Again: Any audio files you create are yours. Any model you build, any image you paint, those are yours and are not covered by the GPL in any way.

The GPL applies only to modifications you make and distribute on the tools themselves.  If you modify Blender to have a new mesh deformation tool, or modify Gimp to have a new image processing function, those are yours to do with as much as you want, but if you try to distruibute those changes then the GPL comes into play, and you must release the source to those changes to Blender or those changes to Gimp along with the binaries.  But again, this only applies to changes made to the programs themselvesm changing Audacity, changing Gimp, changing Blender.

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